Barb Scheeler

Realtor®, Licensed in Virginia & Maryland

Barb has lived in Alexandria, Virginia for over 30 years and is considered by clients to be a wealth of knowledge, as well as a big help and inspiration when buying or selling a home. People also enjoy her personable nature, outgoing personality, and above-and-beyond service approach that makes them feel in the very best of hands. "I love where I live and want my clients to be as happy as I am in their new home and community. My goal is to be a supporter, advisor and educator throughout the purchase or sale process, to help them arrive at the right decisions and feel empowered along the way. I always follow through on promises, and am available at a moment's notice to calm the waters and answer questions." Originally from Syracuse, NY, Barb moved around the world thanks to her dad in the U.S. Army. She graduated from Cazenovia College, worked for a NJ Congressman, and then for the Veterans Affairs Committee.


"10 out of 5 stars! BARB is a truly dedicated professional!

We were selling an amazing $1.1M+ Arlington house during a seller friendly market in the summer of '23. We left the area at the beginning thinking it would be a quick sale. BUT, two different buyers nullified their contracts at the last minute, resulting in an epic 5 month listing/contract back and forth process. Throughout it all, Barb kept us as a priority, keeping the house up, mowing the lawn, etc. She went well beyond any expectations!

If you are moving to/from the National Capital Region/DMV/NOVA, I HIGHLY recommend Barb. She will keep your interests first, stay in constant communication, and use every available tool in the box to get the best outcome for your property transaction."

  -Robert Walker, Client

"Barb is such an amazing person, which is one of the many reasons why she is the BEST realtor we have ever worked with. We met Barb in March 2022 at a random open house when we started thinking about buying a house. Even though we said we were not looking to buy until late summer, she was welcoming and shared much of her expertise on VA loans.

On a professional level, we wondered how many clients she had at once, because she made us feel like we were the only clients she had. She was available to us any time we had questions or wanted to go see a house. We were relatively new to the area, so Barb sent us market analysis and various reports and information on different locations we should consider based on what we were considering. Once we found our ‘dream house, Barb was hands-on every single step of the way and provided recommendations that were in our best interests, and updates during the process. Her interactions and support to us was unlike any experience we previously had, which reduced a lot of our stress and anxiety.

Personally speaking, Barb has become a family friend! Through our interactions with her and her other clients, it is evident that she is absolutely wonderful. She is generous, attentive, and sincere. On closing day, we truly felt her genuine happiness for us.

If you are looking for a realtor who is professional, dependable, provides you with the advice and recommendations to help you, and an expert at buying or selling houses, Barb is the only choice. We will not let any of our family and friends buy or sell a house with anyone other than Barb. Having Barb as your realtor is one of the best decisions you and your family will ever make!"

Annie Hester, Client

"Every agent should have the opportunity to work with Barb! We recently closed on a property and she truly impressed us with her expertise, professionalism, and dedication to her client. She presented an excellent offer with excellent terms and was willing to work with our seller's schedule and timeline. Barb was incredibly responsive and communicative, making sure that everyone involved in the transaction was kept up-to-date and informed every step of the way. It was a pleasure and we welcome the chance to do it again!"

Kristin Borostyan, Client

"I worked with Barb to sell my father’s house. As a former realtor myself I am particular about who I work with. Trust me there are a lot of less than competent realtors out there!

Barb worked with me for several weeks prior to the sale to assess the market. The market is generally great but we saw a lot of people getting crazy on the listing price and the house sitting and having to take a price reduction which ALWAYS ends up equaling a lower selling price than if it was priced correctly to begin with. Pricing properly is critical to not only a fast sale but getting offers that will be able to close. You have to understand what a person is willing to pay AND the actual value of the house if they are getting financing. We ultimately priced the house a bit lower than we thought it would sell for because we were looking to attract multiple offers. And that’s exactly what happened. The house sold for more than we had anticipated because- this is critical- I listened to my realtor about what needed to be done to prepare the house for market. We replaced older vanities, painted inside and out and removed dated wallpaper, landscaped, cleaned and staged it. We even did a quick basement remodel to make that an appealing space instead of dated and tired looking.

Barb was a great communicator. I always knew what was going on. She was hands on and even showed up to help with the landscaping! She had solutions to everything- like the ability to advance money for home improvements and take it out of the proceeds of the sale if we needed. She did good research on comparable properties and when I told her some of the comps were too high because my neighborhood wasn’t as nice she drove through it and agreed. She listened. And she was flexible. We had originally planned 30 days to get the house on the market. But I learned of other properties in the neighborhood that were coming for sale and there was growing instability in the mortgage markets so two days into our 30 days to get it ready I told her I wanted to move things up and get it on the market in two weeks. She made it happen.

I was so pleased with this experience. I have bought and sold a number of houses personally, plus have the experience of having worked as a realtor, and I can say this was one of my best experiences! Thank you Barb!"

Laura Barmby, Client

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You need a partner who knows the neighborhoods, the market and the process. Who can advise you when to think on it, sleep on it or go all in on it. Because this is about much more than bricks and sticks. This is about your future home. And you don't want to live with it. You want to love it.

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You need a partner who knows the neighborhoods, the market and the process. Who can advise you when to think on it, sleep on it or go all in on it. Because this is about much more than bricks and sticks. This is about your future home. And you don't want to live with it. You want to love it.


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